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Rental of Air Conditioners

Split Machines

Our Split Air Conditioners quickly cool rooms of various sizes. We offer an impeccable service on
transport and assembly. Choose the rental you prefer, both short and seasonal.
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Column Air Conditioners

Our column machines limit noise, replace laptops in case of installation different needs and allow you to generate climate for much larger rooms. The machines are 14Kw (15Kw for heat), are internal to the environment and are connected with copper pipes to external generators.
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Air Conditioners for Large Rooms

We provide rental of large systems with refrigeration and air handling machines to manage large
environments and large events.
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Rental of Nebulization Systems

Mobile Misting for Interiors and Exteriors

Thanks to our mobile systems with high pressure nebulized water it is possible to cool any type of
private or commercial environment: patios, gazebos, gardens, swimming pools, parks, shopping
centers, beaches, restaurants, etc.
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Evaporative Coolers

With evaporative cooling, the air is sucked in, filtered and
saturated on special bearings and subsequently emitted in cold steam. It is the ideal solution for lowering the temperature in medium or large rooms dimensions, where it is not possible to close doors or windows.

Evaporative cooling differs from typical air conditioning systems that use compression or refrigeration cycles.
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