We warm up your events and
your business to make them fully enjoyable

Rental of Hot Air Generators

Choose our professional and highly qualitative solutions to heat your rooms, making them liveable and comfortable during the winter months. Events, conventions, warehouses, studios, tensile structures, gyms, and any other work environment can be experienced with the perfect climate.

With our generators it is also possible to manage emergencies and natural disasters (floods,exceptional snowfalls, freezing, etc.) to heat rooms quickly and without complications. Contact us now for info and technical details.

Rental of Pellet Heating Mushrooms

Our mushrooms are the ideal solution for any open space, from gazebos and gardens to clubs and restaurants. Safe, long-lasting, solid and scenic, they guarantee the full usability of a heated environment. With adjustable visible flame they are ecological, do not disperse any smoke, odor or harmful material and ensure savings compared to other gas or electric machines. Simple to refill, they do not require any type of disposal.
Contact us now for any technical details.

Rental of Heating Lamps

We have a complete range of lamps from 600W to 6000W, all designed to reduce energy consumption and pollution (Directive 2009/125 / EC) with continuously improving performance (Commission Regulation 2015/1188). Radiation lamps heat up only the surfaces included in the aiming with the exclusion of the surrounding spaces. Thermal comfort is guaranteed to every person present in the irradiation field.
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