Pure and sanitized air for your rooms
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Rental of Photocatalysis Sanitization Systems

With the Photocatalysis technology we eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, VOCs and odors in all indoor environments, for work, production, commercial and leisure. The photocatalysis process propagates hydrogen peroxide (water oxygenated) which decontaminates all the environments in which the air spreads and deposits. Ideal for meeting rooms, offices, medical and professional offices, food processing centers, cold rooms, warehouses for goods storage, public transport, schools, etc.

NB: The sanitation systems with Photocatalysis fall within the tax relief indicated by the Italian Dpcm Cura Italia.
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Rental of Nebulization Sanitization Systems

With the high and medium pressure pump groups, the water mixed with sanitizing products is nebulized ensuring a homogeneous diffusion of the substance. We offer various automatic sanitation kits to create sanitation tunnels equipped with control units (photocells, sensors). We create customized applications for specific surfaces. Discover our mobile sanitation kits, for the sanitization of cars, work benches, surfaces, forklifts, etc.
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